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If you are creating a lot of content on your website it is very easy to get lost in the sea of pages, blog posts and publications. Do not worry, there is a quick and easy way for you to find your missing content.

First, you will need to log in as an admin user and locate the content management tab on the left-hand menu.

Select ‘All content’ and you will be taken to the all content page. You will see there a number of ways to search for content.

  1. You can search by title if you know what the title of the content is.
  2. Content type will allow you to see all content of a particular type.
  3. If a piece of content is published or unpublished, this is very useful if you know you have unpublished content that you wish to make live.  
  4. You can search by content vocabulary or services vocabulary although it is very rare you will need to use these.

Once you have selected how you wish to search for content click the apply button and the content will be displayed below. You will see the content listed with the newest content at the top.


You can select view, edit and also tick the boxes next to the title to do a bulk operation. For example, if you want to delete multiple content.

To see it in action, we will search for a blog post with ‘practiceweb’ in the title and it must be published. As you can see the results show that there is one blog post with all these conditions. You can click to view the blog, or you can click edit to edit the blog post.

A bulk operation allows you to do an action on multiple pieces of content as shown below. The list shows all unpublished content on the website, to make changes first select the content you wish to publish by tick the boxes next to them.

Next select the operation from the drop-down box, in this instance select publish.

Click execute and the selected content will now be published on the website, you can do the same process to also unpublish them.


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