How to add Images and Videos to your Horizon website

Paul Bradley -

Adding media to your website such as images and videos is a great way to add some creative flair,  images help your visitors connect and feel comfortable on your site.

You can style your page, by adding images and videos directly from your computer. In order to do that, please select ‘Add Media’ button:

You can then upload files from your computer to your Wordpress Media Library.

Once the files have been uploaded, you can go into your ‘Media Library’, click on the image you wish to insert and select ‘Insert into page’ button in the bottom right corner.

You can amend the size and the alignment of the image. Simply click on the image to view the editable options.You can reposition/ re-align the image (left, right and center), resize it by holding and dragging one of the image corners to the desired size. If you select the pencil icon directly above the image, you will be able to edit image details such as caption, Alternative Text (ALT) which makes the images visible by search engines and add a link, if needed.





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