Creating blog posts

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A blog post is a discussion or informative piece of text you can post daily to let your clients know what you have been doing or share some news. A blog is a page where these associated posts live. This is a fantastic way to let your clients know what you are doing on a daily basis.

Creating a Blog

Before you can create blog posts to let everyone know what is the news of the day, you must first have a Blog set up to house the blog posts. Once you have the Blog set up you can start creating blog posts

*This is an additional feature. If you do not currently have this feature and would like it adding, please contact your account manager.*

Creating a blog post

Once you have a blog created you can start creating content and posting to your blog, select create ‘Blog post’ in the 'create content' menu of the Admin section.

The create blog post page is very similar to other create pages with a few differences. You will see which blog this will be posted to (you may have more than one) and no menu information to the right of the page.

Create the content you wish to be shown on the blog and then click save. Your post will now be live.  

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