What are publications?

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This guide will explain what publications are and how they will appear on your website.

Publications overview

On your website you may have a page dedicated to various articles that are presented as pdf format. These are arranged in a way for your clients or visitors to view to read or download.

With your Horizon site,a specific functionality called 'publications' allows you to create and upload these. This gives you control to add, edit or remove any as you need to. This also makes it straightforward to manage your various publications!

Typically, this will look like this:


Essentially this will be a 'card' on the page for a specific publication. This will contain a combination of:

  • Image of the publication [acts like a featured image but is optional]
  • Title of the publication
  • Date of upload
  • Link to download

Publications are a great way to introduce additional content, howcase guides, budget reports or monthly newsletters to your clients and visitors! Additionally, you can link to them from mailshots you want to send or even share on your social media channels.

Where are my Publications in the website admin backend?

You can find the list of publications on your website in the dashboard area, under the same named link of 'Publications'.

If you hover that link and then click ‘All Publications’ in the menu options, you’ll find an overview of the various publications on your site, presented in a table.

These are listed as follows:

  • Title - name of the publication
  • Author - who created and uploaded that publication
  • Document type - if applicable, what 'category' is this publication. For example, business newsletter or company news
  • Topic - if applicable, that is the topic of the publication. For example, VAT or probate
  • Date - publishing date

Additionally, at the top of the table, you’ll be able to see several filters you can use to change your view. These are dependent on the various status of the publication. The number next to each status lets you know how many publications fall into that state:

  • All - lists all of your publications
  • Mine - this will list all the publications that you’ve created
  • Published - lists all of your published publications
  • Drafts - lists all of your publications in drafts
  • Private - lists all of your publications that have been set to ‘private’ setting
  • Cornerstone content - lists all the most important and high ranking publications across your site
  • Bin - this is not currently shown in the image but is where you can find any publications that have been placed in the website’s recycle bin


Finally, in the actual listing of publications, you’ll notice that if you hover over any that a list of options appears:

  • Edit - allows you to a full edit publications on the backend
  • Quick Edit - this will open up some quick edit options to edit on the fly
  • Bin - places publications into the website’s recycle bin, which you can find in the Bin filter
  • View - allows you to view publications to review.

Hopefully that gives an overview of what publications are. In the related guides within the publications section, we will provided dedicated information on how you can add, reoreder, edit and remove publications from your website.

If you have any questions, please get in touch at: support@practiceweb.co.uk

If you can't see the publications menu item then get in touch with your account manager to discuss adding the module: 0117 915 0420

Otherwise, for further information on how to use publications, why not have a look here:

Adding publications



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