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From time-to-time, you may find publications you previously uploaded and published may no longer be relevant or out-of-date. Therefore it might be necessary to remove these publications from your website.

This guide will explain how you can go about this.

Video guide


00:00 - 00:30 - introduction                                      00:31 - 01:30 - method 1, from publications page

01:31 - 02:20 - method 2, from all publications      02:21 - 03:55 - bulk deletion

03:56 - 04:23 - conclusion

Written guide

How to delete a publication

For cases where you would like to remove a single publication, the process of deletion is quite straightforward.

Login and click the Publications link. This will display a table overview of all your publications. 

Should you wish to remove a publication, find the name from the list and hover over it.

Some options appear when you do. One of them will be listed as ‘Bin’, which will be in red. Simply click that link and it will place the profile in the Bin section. You do not need to save, the process is done and updated automatically. The publication will no longer be on your website.


How to delete multiple publications

Should you wish to remove multiple publications, click the checkbox next to each relevant listing. Once done, at the top of the table there will be a drop-down for ‘bulk actions’. 

This allows you to perform actions in bulk. Select ‘move to bin’ as your option and click the ‘apply’ button next to it.

All of the selected publications will then be transferred to the bin and will not show up on your website.


That's it, all selected publications are now removed from your website!

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