Removing page links from your menu

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If you have unpublished or even deleted a page, you will notice that the menu link for it still appears. It's important to remember that pages and menu links are separate functionalities. This means if you have unpublished or deleted pages, you will need to remove the menu link.

Removing links from the menu

In the section for menu structure, you will see that each page box has a dropdown arrow on the right. Clicking on that will display several extra options.


You will then see a link in red called ‘remove’. Simply click on that link and that particular menu link will disappear. 

Tip: pages you deleted prior will have their menu box in red with the message they are invalid. This makes is easier to find where they are in the list to remove.


Once you're done, make sure to click on ‘save menu’ to update your changes.

And that is it! Hopefully that gives an overview of how to remove menu links. We trust this guide has helped but if you have any questions, please get in touch at:

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