What are your plans for our website at budget time?

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Accountant website clients

On the day of the Budget or Spring Statement you’ll get the following on your website:

  • news stories covering expectations, the headline announcements and industry reaction

  • detailed Report (in the Tax section of your website). This will be updated in the evening.

  • branded email newsletter sent to your registered users overnight which links back to the report on your site. It will look similar to the fortnightly newsletter we produce

Publishing clients

We will send you an email by 9 am the next day containing links to 3 versions of the Report.

  • Standard version: a branded PDF suitable for printing out on an office computer; sending as an email attachment or uploading to your website

  • Print: a version of the branded PDF that has crop and bleed marks and high-resolution images

  • Word version: an unbranded, plain text Word version of the report


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