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Go to the admin menu item Mailshot and click the link at the bottom of the page to Create a new mailshot:

Admin > Mailshot and then Create a new mailshot

Complete the New Mailshot section as follows:

  • Mailshot Name - this will appear in your list of mailshots in the admin area.
  • Description - A synopsis of what the mailshot is about for your own reference only.
  • From name - the name the email appears to come from.
  • From address - The email address the mailshot will appear be sent from will be the standard format is eg (This setting notifies spam filters that this is not spam and so it cannot be changed.)
  • Reply Address - The email address that you would like replies to be sent to.
  • Subject Line - This will appear in the email subject line of the email.
  • Mailshot type - This allows types of email to be listed together in an archive on your website and will default to User update. If you have requested additional mailshots, select the mailshot type that you require.
  • Mailshot template - This will default to Single Column. If you would like to use another template that we have created for you, then you can select it in the dropdown here.
  • Show in archive - Leave this box checked unless you do not want the mailshot to appear in archives of sent mailshots on your website.
  • Add recipients - If you have previously created a User set then you can select it here or use one of the default User sets eg All Users. Click on Available options under the heading Quick Edit on the right hand side of the page.  Select the relevant User set from the Recipients dropdown. Please note: You must select the userset now if you want to send the mailshot to an exisiting userset.  Once a userset has been added, it cannot be removed but it can be edited.
  • Content collection - if you have saved content from a previous mailshot, select it under Available options to re-use it.

When you are happy with the Mailshot information, click Save under the Publishing heading on the right hand side of the screen.

The next page will show you the layout of the Mailshot that you are creating, including your logo, contact information and registered office. If you have used the Content collection option, your selected content will also appear within the template.

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