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How to find database and user activity information for your site.

Your Landscape website has information about:

  • User Registrations - filter your user database to find details of who is registered on your site, which newswires are they registered for, who is an admin user or other user database queries and export them to a csv file.
  • User Sets - allows users on your website to be grouped together in a set.  This can be based on filters so you can use this to query your database.  Default sets on your site are: 
    • Admin users,
    • All users,
    • Recently updated (where user profile has changed in the last 30 days),  
    • Newswire subscription matches Business Update or Monthly Business Roundup. 
    • There will also be SDE reports if you have this on your site.
  • User Activity - the Track Tab will show which areas of your site have people been viewing.
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