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*This is an additional feature. If you do not currently have this feature, and would like it adding, please contact your account manager.*

Having staff profiles is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and your firm’s personality, it will also help you become a “real” company to the visitor, rather than just another website.

After you have logged in to the admin section of your website, select create content and then staff profile.

This will bring up the form to fill in about the member of staff.


Here you can complete a short bio of what the member of staff does, their qualifications and maybe something about their interests out of work.


Now it's time to upload a photo, which can be selected from your computer. We always advise including some alternative text such as the name of the person. Be careful not to upload images that are very large as you may have problems. For best results upload images in 300px x

Now it’s time to complete their contact details, you have to complete their name as a minimum but including email and telephone numbers makes it easier for prospects and clients to get in contact.

Depending on how your site is set up you may be able to associate this staff profile with relevant content in your library/resources pages or services pages. So their contact details appear in relevant pages. For example, here you can select this person to show as a service expert.


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