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Helen Varley -

Depending on what you have requested for your site, we send out regular weekly or monthly newswires on your behalf together with Budget Specials. For the Weekly Business Update and Monthly Business Roundup, you will be sent a notification that the newswire is on your site scheduled to be sent. You can go to the admin area of your site to:

  • send yourself a preview of the newswire
  • edit the content - you can unschedule the newswire and then edit the content by adding or removing blocks of content. Important - if you unschedule a newswire mailshot, you must dispatch it yourself otherwise the newswire mailshot will not be sent.
  • Weekly Business Update - this newswire is sent weekly on Thursday afternoon. The admin preview email is sent to you on Wednesday afternoon.
  • Monthly Business Roundup - this is sent monthly on the last Tuesday of the month. The admin preview email is sent to you on the Thursday before the newswire is sent.
  • Budget newswire - this is sent the night following the Budget Speech and other major Government Budgetary announcements. As it is important that the email is dispatched as soon as possible after the budget, we do not schedule the mailshot but dispatch it as soon as it is ready.
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