What is an A Record?

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Your domain name can be split into 2 parts. An A record which relates to your website and an MX record which relates to your email. PracticeWEB don't deal with emails and we don't host your domain so we are only interested in A records.

Your website's 'A record' is a number used to point Internet traffic to a website address. An A record (Address Record) points a domain or subdomain to an IP address.

You will need to change your A Record in order to change the web address of your website. You can change this with your domain name provider.

PracticeWEB may occasionally ask you to change the A record of your website. This might be to update the security certificate on your website or because your website has been redesigned. 

You can find out details about where your A record is currently pointing and who hosts your domain (your Internet Service Provider ISP) by going to www.network-tools.com If you type your domain name www.mydomain.com into the box on the left hand side and click go you will get details about your domain.


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