Tracking User Activity

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See user activity for pages on your site and also see activity for logged in users.


Use this facility to track the areas of your site that have been visited. If a user is logged in whilst viewing your site you will be able to identify the user otherwise they will be shown as Anonymous.

Please note: We only show data for the last 8 weeks.

Track Tab

Admin users can see the track tab either directly on web pages of the website or via the admin area.

Track tab on web pages

Once logged in, you will be able to see the view, edit and track tabs on your website. You will only see edit tabs for pages that you can edit:

Click on the Track tab to see information for that page.

Track Tab via the admin area

  • Go into the admin area of your site by logging in and then clicking on the administration link on your site or add /admin to the end of your URL in the address bar of your browser.
  • Click on Content Management in the left hand menu
  • Click on All Content
  • Find the page that you would like to find Track stats for by searching on the Title. Type in the name of the page into the Title box and click apply.
  • You will then see a list of pages that match your search. Click on the view link against the relevant page to view the page.
  • Click on the Track tab to view the information for that page.

Track tab information

  • Time - The time that the page was visited
  • Referrer - If the end user clicked on a link to view the page, the URL of the page they came from will show which will hyperlink back to the referring page. 

    If this field is empty, it indicates that the user typed in the URL into the browser or used a bookmark.
  • User - If the end user was logged in, their username will show which will hyperlink to their profile. If the user was not logged in, then it will show as Anonymous.
  • Operations - Clicking this link will show the following details:
    • URL - url of the page
    • Title - Title of the page
    • Referrer - url of referring page, if applicable
    • Date - Date and time the page was visited
    • User - Username of the visitor if logged in which hyperlinks to the users profile page or Anonymous if the user was not logged in.
    • Hostname - IP address of the user's computer or network

Track tab on User Profiles

You can see the activity for users that have been logged in via their user profile.

You can go into a user profile via the admin area:

  • Click on User management from the main left hand admin menu.
  • Click on All users
  • Search for the user by entering their First Name, Last Name, Email address or Client reference in the relevant boxes and click apply.
  • You will then see a list of users that match the criteria entered above. Click on the username to go into the profile for that user.
  • You will see tabs for that user. Click on the one for Track page visits.
  • You will see details of the pages that the user has visited whilst logged in:
    • Timestamp - this shows the date and time the page was visited
    • Page - this shows the title of the page visited and a link to the page.
    • Operations - this is a link to the details page.

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