Mailshot - improvements to the bounce handling system

Ady Harold -

When mailshots are sent from your site, some emails cannot be delivered for various reasons such as invalid email addresses or technical failures by the end user's email provider.  These failures can happen when we send the weekly/monthly/budget newswires or when you send mailshots via the admin area of your site.

We have introduced an update to the email bounce handling system that processes all email responses to your newswires. As the system is now more efficient in removing invalid email addresses, you may notice a drop in the number of people subscribed to your mailshots.

However, this improvement means that they system can target legitimate email addresses more accurately and ensures that the sending reputation of our mail system is further enhanced so mailshots can be delivered more effectively.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our Client Support team on 0117 915 8639 or email

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