I've changed my company logo, what should I do?

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Changing your company logo will affect your website, mailshots and PracticeWEB publishing documents.

Your website

Will your new logo look OK on your existing website?

Is it similar colours?

Is it a similar shape - landscape, portrait, round or square?

Does it have a similar feel to the site - modern or traditional?

If you think your new logo will look good on your existing site please email the best quality version you have to support@practiceweb.co.uk and we will send a quote for adding your new logo to your website and mailshot templates. The cost of this is likely to be £89 + VAT if the logo will fit OK into the existing space and nothing needs to be moved.

If the logo won't work with your current site we can look at minor changes to the colours on your site or major changes to the design. In the first instance please call or email us and we will make recommendations. 

PracticeWEB Publishing Documents

Please send a high quality jpeg (300dpi) or .eps file to support@practiceweb.co.uk and we will update your logo on all future PDFs.


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