Enable/disable users

Helen Varley -

You can enable anyone that is registered on your site for SDE.

  • Under the admin menu item SDE, go to Manage SDE Users:

    Admin > SDE > Manage SDE Users

  • Search for the relevant user(s)
    • ensure that you check the SDE Status as inactive.
    • type search criteria - firstname, lastname and/or email address
    • click Apply
  • Check the box next to the user(s) in the search result.
  • In the Bulk operations dropdown, select one of the following as relevant depending on whether you want the user to receive a notification:
    • Enable the selected users in SDE and notify them of changes.
    • Enable the selected users in SDE.
  • Click Execute. You will see a confirmation page showing the action you are taking and users being enabled.
  • Click Confirm

Please note that the Secure Document Exchange uses modern browser techniques for features such as the drag’n’drop upload and document signature.  We recommend that you use the latest version of a popular browser to get the best experience when using the Secure Document Exchange.

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