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Once you have found a user and uploaded a new document or found an existing document, you can complete the following actions:

Download a document

  • Click on the Download button. Your document will be downloaded to your local computer or mobile device.

Rename a document

  • Click on the Rename button. You will be taken to a form.
  • Type a new name for the document.
  • Save
  • Send a notification if required.

Replace a document

  • Click on the Replace button.
  • Click on Choose file and browse your local computer for the new document.
  • Click Upload
  • Send a notification if required.

Move a document

You can move a document in two ways:


  • Click on the folder where the document is located. You will see a list of documents contained within that folder in the main body and the folder structure in the left hand sidebar.
  • Click and hold down the mouse on the document that you want to move and drag it to the left hand sidebar onto the destination folder.
  • Release the mouse and the document will move to the desitination folder.

Folder structure

  • Click on the Move button. You will be taken to a screen showing the file structure.
  • Click on the destination folder within that file structure.
  • Click Move. You will be taken back to your document preview. The breadcrumbs will show the new location of the document.

Delete a document

You can permanently delete a document as follows:

  • Click on the Delete button. You will be taken to a confirmation screen.
  • Click Delete on the confirmation screen. Your document will be deleted.
  • Send a notification if required.

Tip: You can delete several documents at once by putting them all in a folder and then deleting the folder. This will delete the folder and all the documents contained within the folder.

Note: You cannot delete or move a document if it is locked. Only SDE administrators can unlock documents.

Lock a document

Site administrators can lock documents as follows:

  • Click on the Lock button. The document will now be locked and all action buttons will disappear other than the Download, Unlock and Audit Trail buttons. The document icon will show a padlock.
  • Save

Please note:

  1. Only SDE administrators can lock and unlock documents.
  2. When a signature is requested on a document, the document becomes locked.
  3. When a document has been signed, it will remain locked.

Request a signature

  • Click on the Request Signature button. You will be taken to a form.
  • Add the Reason for signature request on the next page.
  • Click Continue and you will be taken to the notification screen.
  • Send a notification if required.
  • The document will become locked show a details of the Signature Request.
  • The document will display a padlock and a pen to the end user to indicate that there is a signature request.

Please note that the Secure Document Exchange uses modern browser techniques for features such as the drag’n’drop upload and document signature.  We recommend that you use the latest version of a popular browser to get the best experience when using the Secure Document Exchange.

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