What do I have to do after the switch?

Paul Bradley -

Introducing relative URLs: If you’re lucky, you’ve been using relative URLs all along.

These don’t specify an absolute (entire) URL; instead, they tell your browser to add something to the end of the domain.

For example, if this link:

<a href=“/page2”>Link</a>

was placed somewhere on our domain example.com, clicking it would take you to:


When you switch to “HTTPS,” the same link would take you to:


which is perfect!

If your site wasn’t built like that and instead uses absolute links:

<a href=“http://www.example.com/page2”>Link</a>

then you’ll need to find each link and add the correct new URL to it.


Another thing you have to remember is after the switch if you post any links anywhere else (e.g other sites, social media etc.) they now need to start https://

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