Adding new GDPR filters to existing user sets

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First, you will need to go to the admin section and click User Management then click User sets.

Locate the userset you wish to add the new filter to and click Edit


Once you click Edit, you will see two options for ‘Add users’ & ‘Add filters’

Click ‘Add filters’


Opt-in filter  

If you want to add a filter of OPT-IN on a user set click Opt-In, you will notice that there is only one option for ‘Has Opted-In’.

Once this filter has been added to the User Set only users who have selected Opt-In in their profile will be sent email communications.


Activity and Last Email Interaction Filter 


If you want to add a filter of Last email interaction on a user set click Activity and then Last email interaction

This will add anyone who has interacted with a previous email you have sent out.

You will notice that there is a field to select the date the last email interaction can be taken from, in this case, it will be 30 days. You can manually set the date for how long you want to use


Can I rely on sending email based on Last Email Interaction?

The Last Email Interaction information we collect shows the date a user interacted with their profile page (and had one or more newsletter subscription) or where we have seen any email interaction (open or click).

  • It is your decision whether this engagement is sufficient to allow further communications to be sent based on the GDPR Legitimate interests level of consent.
  • NOTE: - Legitimate interests is not available to the default Newsletter usersets
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