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Following on from the last guide, over time you may find your media library filled with all sorts of content such as images. Images are fantastic to have and can really flesh out your site.

However, the images you may potentially upload could be large in both resolution [width x height] and by file size. There’s a limit to how large an image can be to upload as well.

Additionally, should you upload several high-quality images to a certain page, it could potentially slow the loading of the page.

It is a good idea to do some editing with the image before you upload so that this can be avoided and ensure your images are decently-sized without compromising your website performance.

The easiest way to resize images is to use any third-party website that allows you to edit images. Luckily there are plenty available and most of them are free to use.

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Using image-editing software

Programs such as Abode or Affinity can be used to edit your images. If you have those programs on your PC, then you can simply use them to edit.

Using third-party websites

Otherwise if you do not there are many third-party sites you can use for this. We won’t go through all of them of course but here are two that we recommend.

Pixlr -

Pixlr X is a popular website for editing images. Start by clicking ‘open image’ then find the image you want to upload. You may need to agree to a few consent options.

The two main options you might use are scaling and cropping.



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