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Writing new blog articles is a really good way of providing fresh content and engage user engagement to your site. It is recommended you keep your blog section updated fairly regularly. This guide will explain how you can go about doing this.

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Writing new Blog Articles

If you want to write new blog articles, When you login into your dashboard, you will notice a menu item called posts. Hover over this and you will see some options appear. Select the 'add new' option. It will then take you to a page as shown below.

Alternatively, you can click the +New button at the top and select 'Post' in the dropdown.

You will now be in the actual page to start writing your new article.

The main elements here are:

  • Post title - specify the title of your article
  • article body - in the standard editor, this is where you can start writing the article content. There are also options to add images by clicking the 'add media' button
  • Publish - once you are ready you can click the publish button and your article will be publicly viewable

When writing the article body, ignore using the purple divi builder button. You would normally use this when creating pages but for posts, they have their own template to use. As a result you can ignore and go straight to the standard editor. It still works the same where you can type into directly or copy and paste from another source. 


Your new article will be published on the Blogs page of your website.

You will notice there are a lot of other areas to customise your article further. We will cover these in more detail in other guides.

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