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In this guide, we will show you how to access your mailing reports and what they mean. 


How to find the reports


Viewing the Mailshots 


When you click the reports link you will be taken to the mailshot list as pictured above. Here you can see the list of all the mailshots that have sent out. You will notice there are 2 links, 'Preview' & 'Report'. Clicking preview will show you how the mailshot looked and clicking 'Report' will take you to the Mailshot report dashboard below.


Mailshot Report Dashboard


Here we have clicked on the report for 'Top 5 predictions for Budget 2018' and as you can see it will display the stats for the current mailshot. It will show you a breakdown of click and open rates. It will also show you the amount of Delivered, sent & failed. 



Report Graph


The Report graph will show you when people have opened, clicked and unsubscribed and display it in a graph as pictured. 



Delivery Reporting


Finally, at the bottom of the report page, you will see each individual user, their email address and how many times they have opened and clicked the mailshot. 


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