How to build a form on your Horizon website

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Creating the Form

In your WordPress dashboard, click “Add New” under the “Forms” menu.


Building from Scratch

Adding Fields

Select 'Blank form' and you will be taken to the form creation page as pictured below

Single-click or drag the fields from the drawer into the builder


You can rearrange the order of the form by simply clicking and dragging the fields as shown below 

When you have finished adding fields, click “Done”.


Editing Field Settings

To change the field label, label placement, force a field to be required and more simply click on the field to open its settings drawer.  You may also click the blue gear icon to open the field settings drawer.  This drawer is different for each field type.  For a detailed breakdown of field types, see the documentation here.


Duplicating or Deleting Fields

Hover over the blue gear icon in each field to expand the duplicate and delete icons.



Preview the Form

Preview any form changes without impacting users on the front end of your site with the preview button here:


Publish the Form

Once you are ready to push your form changes live to the front end of your site, click “Publish.”


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