How to manage your pages on your Horizon website

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You can find the list of pages on your website in the dashboard area, under ‘All pages’.


Here, you’ll find an overview of the various pages on your site, presented in a table.

In the left column is the page title, the middle is the page author, and the right is the publishing date of that page.

At the top of the table, you’ll be able to see several filters you can use to change your view. These are dependent on the various status of the page. The number next to each status lets you know how many pages fall into that category:

  • All - lists all of your pages
  • Mine - this will list all the pages that you’ve created
  • Published - lists all of your published pages
  • Drafts - lists all of your pages in drafts
  • Private - lists all of your pages that have been set to ‘private’ setting
  • Cornerstone content - lists all the most important and high ranking pages across your site
  • Bin - this is not currently shown in the image but is where you can find any pages that have been placed in the website’s recycle bin


In the list of pages, you’ll notice that if you hover over one, a list of options appears:

  • Edit - allows you to edit the page on the backend
  • Quick Edit - this will open up some quick edit options to edit on the fly
  • Bin - places the page into the website’s recycle bin, which you can find in the Bin filter
  • View - allows you to view the page.

Hopefully that gives an overview of your pages. In the related guides within the pages section, we will provided dedicated information on how you can add, reoreder, edit and remove pages from your website.

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In the dashboard, you will see 'Pages' in the lefthand menu. Here you can view, delete and manage your pages. You can see the date it was published, the author and a simple SEO score. 

Here it will show you all published, draft and deleted pages.

You can edit the author and date of each page by clicking 'Quick Edit'


You can also do bulk updates to your pages such as edit or delete using the 'Bulk Actions' dropdown. Select each page by checking the box next to the page title, select the bulk actions dropdown and click 'Apply'


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