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When you hire new staff, this provides an opportunity to add them to your website's team page.

This guide will explain how you can go about doing this.

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Creating new Staff Profiles

When you login into your dashboard, you will notice a menu item called staff profiles. Hover over this and you will see some options appear.

If you want to add a new staff profile, select the 'add new' option. It will then take you to a page as shown below.


This is where you can being to fill out the person's details. Most of the following fields are self-explantory but essentially you can fill out the following:

  • name of person [where it says 'enter staff profile name']
  • job title
  • image of the person
  • email and telephone number
  • biography

Additionally further down the page, there is a section for staff profile expertise. Enter the expertise (this is important if you want to list staff by their expertise). You can add new expertise by clicking the + symbol to add a new one.

There is also a section for the role (this is important if you want to list staff by their role). Again, you can add new roles by clicking the + symbol to add a new one.

You can then also enter the excerpt. This is usually a sentence long snippet of information relating to the person. For example, you could just take the first sentence of their biography.

Where this appears is on the main team page, which contains a  a smaller, condensed version called a 'card'. In each person's card that appears, the excerpt will be shown.


Alternatively,if none of your staff profiles have any excerpt applied then it might be worth leaving this blank.

There is an odd quirk that if you leave this blank, it will show their biography instead on the team page. To prevent this, simply click into the excerpt box and press once with your spacebar to apply a space.

The system will count that as a character but since nothing is written, nothing will be shown.

End Result

When you have entered all the information in, click publish on the right-hand side. The staff profile will automatically be created for you and look something like below, depending on the design and branding of your website.

And this is typically how it will look on the main team page, allowing visitors and clients to click to view in more detail. Below is a typical example containing a variation of image, name, and contact details. The one on the right additionally has an excerpt applied.


And that is it! Hopefully that gives an overview of how to add new staff profiles. We trust this guide has helped but if you have any questions, please get in touch at:

For further information on how to use them, why not have a look here:

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