How to add a new staff profile to your Horizon website

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If you want to add members of staff to your website, you can use our module called staff profiles. It is a dedicated module you can use to create and edit staff profile pages and staff cards on a team page.

This guide will show you how. There is both a video and written guides for your preference.

Creating new Staff Profiles

To add a new staff profile first log into your dashboard, you will notice a menu item called staff profiles.

Hover over this and you will see items below this like below, here you can see all existing staff profiles, adding a new one, all expertise and all roles.

When you create a new staff profile you will see this page.

Most of the following fields are self-explantory but essentially you can fill out information like staff profile name, job title, upload a staff profile image, enter email address and phone number and fill out the about section 

If you scroll down, there is a section for staff profile expertise. Enter the expertise (this is important if you want to list staff by their expertise) you can add new expertise by clicking the + symbol to add a new one

Enter the role (this is important if you want to list staff by their role) you can add new roles by clicking the + symbol to add a new one

You can then also enter the excerpt. If you have a team page with everyone on, this will be displayed in the person's staff card and can be a short summary of that person.

Alternatively, should you wish to leave this blank, apply a space in the excerpt box. Simply press once with your spacebar and it will create a space. The system will count that as a character but since nothing is written, nothing is shown.

End Result

When you have entered all the information in, click publish and the staff profile will automatically be created for you and look something like below (depending on the design of your website).

There will also be a smaller version of this on the main team page, allowing visitors and clients to click to view in more detail.

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