Add a new publication to your Horizon website

Paul Bradley -

Publications are a great way to showcase guides, budget reports & monthly newsletters to your clients and it couldn't be easier with our new module. Here we show you how.

To add a new publication, first you will need to log into your dashboard, you will notice a menu item called Publications (pictured below)

Click Add New and you will be taken to the publication creation page pictured below.

 Here you can enter your title, add a cover image (which will be displayed on the listing page), the file upload button, an about section, publication document type, publication topic type and excerpt

You can add a document type here e.g. (Budget, tax card etc) this is useful to show specific document types on specific pages.

You can add a document topic here e.g. (MTD, Newsletter etc) this is useful to show specific document topics on specific pages.

Click publish and the publication will be added to the listing page automatically for you and look something like this (depending on the design of your website)

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