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Congratulations on getting started with Senta!

Now that you’re up and running, let's show you how to connect your forms to start sending prospects into your CRM. 

First things first, select the form you want to connect with Senta, click the blue settings cog (below) then click ‘edit’.


Once you do this, navigate to ‘Emails & Actions’. Here is where we will add the action that sends your prospects into Senta.


Click the blue + symbol in the bottom right to add a new action to the form.


You will now see a list of the possible integrations, Senta being one of them. Click ‘Senta Action’ to add it to the form.


Here is where you need to add your Senta information, this is where you will add your end-point URL, your API key and where you will map the fields to your client or contact lists. 

Your end-point URL will look something like this and will be the URL when you are in Senta.


You can create an API key in Senta by clicking the settings cog and selecting ‘Users’.


Click ‘Add Integration’ and give it a name.


Click ‘Generate API Key’ and copy down the exact code you see.


This is how the API key will look once it has been generated. Please take note of this key as you will not be able to retrieve it later.


Add your end-point URL and API key in the fields below and then we can start mapping the fields into Senta. 


To find the values you need to add into the form, click the Settings cog and select ‘Forms’.


Here will be a list of your forms including the ‘Master Forms’, ‘Client Details’ and ‘Contact Details’. Select which form you would like to link to your form.


Select the fields you want to map and then add them to the form. For example, if you want to add a first name, you must add ‘contact.firstname’ or however it appears in the list.


It will look something like this, to add the value click the ‘Merge Tags’ option below.


You will see all the fields from the form so if you want to map the email to your email field in Senta, select the ‘Email’ field.


Once you are happy with your fields, click ‘Done’.


To save the changes and publish the integration, simply click ‘Publish’ and your integration is ready to go. 

To see your submissions in Senta, navigate to ‘Clients’ and select the list you set up the form to be integrated with. 







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