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Pages and blog articles are useful to be able to write all sorts of content. If you have a service page about Bookkeeping, you can write content relating to that topic.

Occasionally you may find that while you are working on editing a page, something unexpected happens where all the content is suddenly lost. This includes the styles, layout, formatting of the page, in addition to whatever was on it. You then find yourself with a page that looks like below:


Fortunately, there is a way you can recover the content. This is the page revisions tool.


Finding the page revisions tool

On the page, go into the backend. You can do this by clicking the ‘edit page’ link which is found in the top black navigation bar (you need to be logged in as admin first to view this).

Once in the backend, on the right will be a series of white boxes. One of them is called 'Publish'. This of course is where you went to publish or update the page originally.

One of the links ikn that box will be called ‘Revisions’. This is then followed by a number that represents how many times the page has been updated or changed. Click the ‘Browse’ link next to it.




Revisions page

You will be taken to the revisions page. The various elements have been categoriesed as:


A - Return to editor

This will take you back to the page backend

B - Revisions slider

Use the slider to navigate back to earlier page versions. The more there are, the longer the slider will be

C - Compare any two revisions

You can compare and contrast between two revisions to see what was different

D - Revisions information

This will display the date and time of a particular version (when was it last changed).

E - Revision box

In the box on he right, content will be populated when you select a particular version

F - Restore this revision

Once you are happy with a particular version, select this button to apply.


At the top is a slider (B) that will allow you to go back-in-time to earlier versions of the page. When you do, the box on the right (E) will populate with the contents of whatever version you selected. The information provided (D) will explain when that version was created.

You can then even compare two revisions side-by-side (C) to see the differences. However, you may not find this relevant. 

When you have selected a version, click on the ‘restore this revision’ button (F) that will light up. It should automatically take you to the page backend, but if not, use the ‘return to editor’ link (A).

Finally, select the blue ‘update’ button in the Publish box. 

The page version should then be restored. Here is the final result:










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