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What are cookies? 

A cookie is a small text file that is sent from a website to your computer. It contains information about you as a user on the website to personalise your experience. For example, to determine if you are a registered user and, if so, allow you access to registration protected areas of the site or the correct user profile.


Are cookies necessary?

There are two main types of cookies: necessary and non-necessary cookies. Necessary cookies enable basic functionality on your website. These cookies can be dropped in the user’s browser with or without consent, but users can manually disable them. Non-necessary cookies aren’t necessary, as the name indicates, but they are convenient for both users and for website owners. 


How do cookies affect my website? 

Necessary cookies enable basic functionality to your users in your website. Non-necessary cookies are a convenient way to store user preferences, personalise their experience and provide you with useful information about them. For example, Google Analytics drops a cookie in your users’ browser that allows you to understand how they interact with your website and give you insight on how to improve that interaction. 


What is a cookie policy?

A cookie policy is the list of all the cookies in use on your website with detailed information for end-users to provide them with insights into how their personal data is being processed when visiting your domain. The ePrivacy Directive and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) require websites to detail their use of cookies to users.


What is a cookie banner?

A cookie banner is a consent interface pop-up on a website. It lets end-users decide which cookies and trackers they will allow to be dropped on their browser during their visit. It lists, categorises and explains the purpose of each cookie. 


Can I customise the cookie banner?

The cookie banner cannot be customised (neither the colour nor the content). We’ve designed a standard cookie banner based on best practice. We want users to notice the pop-up and make a choice – having a design that matches the rest of the site wouldn’t make it stand out enough. 


Can I remove the cookie banner? 

No, to be compliant with the latest guidelines set by the ICO, you’ll need to show a cookie banner upon the user’s first visit, implement a cookie policy and give the user the option to provide/deny consent. Prior to user consent, no cookies – except for necessary cookies – should be dropped. 

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