What are staff profiles?

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This guide will explain what staff profiles are and how they will appear on your website.

Staff Profile overview

On your website you may have a page dedicated to various staff members of your company, often called ‘Meet the Team’ or ‘Who We are’. 

On this page, you have individual profiles for each staff member. You could even further group different staff by their job title, such as administration or directors. Or perhaps you need to add new staff members or remove people who have left.

With your Horizon site, this comes with a specific module called staff profiles. This gives you control to add, edit or remove any as you need to. This also makes it straightforward to manage your various staff profiles!

A typical one will look like this [which will be branded to your company style and colours]:


This will contain a combination of:

  • Image of the person
  • Personal details such as name
  • Clickable contact details
  • Short biography
  • Expertise of that person, if applicable

Additionally, on your main team page there will also be a smaller version of this. It will list some of their details in a 'card', with a link  allowing your clients and visitors to click to view in more detail. Below is a typical example containing a variation of image, name, and contact details.


Staff profiles are a great way to introduce your various staff members to your clients and visitors, and allows them to contact someone individually.

Staff Profiles in the website admin backend

You can find the list of staff profiles on your website in the dashboard area, under ‘Staff profiles’.

For now, if you click ‘All Staff profiles’, you’ll find an overview of the various staff profiles on your site, presented in a table.

These are listed as follows:

  • Title - name of the person
  • Author - who created the staff profile
  • Expertise - what is that person’s expertise in
  • Role - related to the team they belong to, e.g. HR or Finance
  • Location - where are they based
  • Date - publishing date

Additionally, at the top of the table, you’ll be able to see several filters you can use to change your view. These are dependent on the various status of the page. The number next to each status lets you know how many pages fall into that category::

  • All - lists all of your pages
  • Mine - this will list all the pages that you’ve created
  • Published - lists all of your published pages
  • Drafts - lists all of your pages in drafts
  • Private - lists all of your pages that have been set to ‘private’ setting
  • Cornerstone content - lists all the most important and high ranking pages across your site
  • Bin - this is not currently shown in the image but is where you can find any pages that have been placed in the website’s recycle bin


Finally, in the actual listing of profiles, you’ll notice that if you hover over one, a list of options appears:

  • Edit - allows you to a full edit the staff profile on the backend
  • Quick Edit - this will open up some quick edit options to edit on the fly
  • Bin - places the staff profile into the website’s recycle bin, which you can find in the Bin filter
  • View - allows you to view the staff profile to review.

Hopefully that gives an overview of what staff profiles are. For further information on how to use them, why not have a look here:

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