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Within your company, you may hire new employees or promote existing ones. As a result, you may want to reorder your the staff profiles on your team page to reflect these changes.

This guide will explain how you can go about doing this.

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1 - Checking the filtering option on your team page

When you come to reorder, you move people along on a list. This will make sense in section 2. 

As a result, on your team page it is important that the filter is set to accept this otherwise no matter what reordering you do, nothing will happen.

To begin with, go to your team page and edit it using the visual builder. On the page you will see a large grey box that will say ‘staff profile listing’. Click on it to bring menu options and click the cog icon to edit it.


You will see an option called ‘ordering’, click that. In the dropdo

wn menu, you can specify a particular ordering which are:

  • alphabetical order
  • By date published
  • Manual order

Both alphabetical and date published are generally limited in terms of how profiles are ordered. Should you wish to order them with a custom order, select manual order and save the page.


Now that the order filter has been set to manual, it is time to begin ordering your staff profiles.

2 - Reorder your staff profile list

To do this, first login and go to the ‘Staff profiles’ link on the left. A series of options will appear when you hover it. You will see one for ‘reorder’ so click that.

You will be taken to a list of the various staff member profiles on your website. From the list, hover each listing and simple drag and drop that person into any position you want.


Positions at the top are shown first on your team page, and then so forth. For example, the person at the top is shown first. So if you have a senior member of staff, you can position them there to appear first.

Whatever ordering you decide, once you are finished scroll to the bottom and click the ‘update’ button to save your changes.



And that is it! Next time you are on the team page, it will be ordered as you specified it.

We trust this guide has helped but if you have any questions, please get in touch at:

For further information on how to use them, why not have a look here:

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